Our Partners

Without the assistance that our partners and sponsors give, we wouldn't be able to give students in Alberta this amazing opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on experience in the industry. 

Thank you to all of our amazing 2018-2019 sponsors:

B & R - Eckel's Transport Ltd.

Canadian Natural Resources

Ensign Well Servicing

Ensign Well Servicing is a Foundation and Capacity Building Partner in the Trades Exposure Centre project.

Ensign Well Servicing has been operating in the Northern Lights Public Schools region for the past 35 years and has developed a strong connection to the community in that time. The Company strives to provide a safe work environment in which people are able to build a successful career in the energy industry while remaining in, and contributing to, the local community.  With the donation of its service rig, Ensign hopes to provide young people in the area with hands-on experience in order to strengthen both their interest in energy-related operations and their knowledge of the career opportunities that exist within it. For more information about Ensign, please visit at www.ensignenergy.com.

High Arctic Energy Services

Krazee Klean

Sure Flow Services

Sure Flow is a Foundation and Capacity Building Partner in the Trades Exposure Centre project.

A specialist arm of international manpower specialists NES Global Talent, Sure Flow is based in Alberta and functions within the operations sectors of oil and gas, covering a full suite of services from Consultancy, where they provide Drilling, Completions and Well Supervision personnel, to Oilfield Services where there is a need for operators, power engineers and construction staff.

Providing Northern Lights with experienced service rig personnel, Sure Flow are facilitating hands-on service rig training for our students, delivered by experienced rig professionals. Sure Flow recognises the importance of community involvement, and particularly investing in youth for a better future, and so acts as a consultant to Northern Lights to widen our industry connections.

Sure Flow is particularly strong in the area of Health and Safety and has earned and maintained their Certificate of Recognition, “COR” since 1998. Achieving and maintaining an incident and accident free work environment is a top priority for Sure Flow, who wish to instil this in our students for a safer future.

The extensive training and support offered by Sure Flow allows our students to make an informed decision about pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry.

SureShot Wireline Inc

Timberwolf: Environmental Services

Welltec Wireline