Service Rig Program

The Northern Lights Service Rig Program consists of two parts: our 5-credit Service Rig Floorhand 15-5 online course that can be completed at any high school in Alberta, and our 2-credit Service Rig Safety and Floor Hand Experience Special Project which is delivered over a 5-day period at our Trades Exposure Centre.


Service Rig Floorhand 15-5

Service Rig Floorhand 15-5 is a 5-credit course that can be taken as a stand-alone course and used as a pre-requisite for the Service Rig Safety and Floor Hand Experience Special Project.

The course content was provided by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC). It contains and maintains the industry standards and is delivered online through the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC), which gives flexibility to the delivery in order to accommodate individual and school-specific needs.

The online course involves comprehensive coverage of the oil and gas industry, safety, the operation of a service rig, and the duties of the rig floorhand. The course also has gamified content where students direct an avatar to accomplish content and tasks related to rig operations.

You can view the Course Outline, including the Course Description, Pre-requisites, and General Outcomes on this page.

Service Rig Safety and Floor Hand Experience Special Project

This 2-credit project culminates with five days of training at the Northern Lights Trades Exposure Centre. A maximum of 10 students can be accommodated per session.

In addition to Service Rig Floorhand 15-5, students must also complete the following pre-requisites prior to coming to the Trades Exposure Centre:

The five days of training at the Trades Exposure Centre includes the following:

Day 1
H2S Alive (Enform) Certification (8 hours)

Day 2
Fall Protection Certification (8 Hours)

Days 3 to 5
Service Rig Training (25.5 hours total, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily)
Students train on a working rig with our instructors.
(2 CEU equivalent, $229/student)

Click here to see the project description, pre-requisites and hours to complete.

For the 2016-2017 school year, Northern Lights will provide assistance with travel, accommodation and meals. Northern Lights will also provide the Special Project Template for assessment purposes, provide recommendations for accommodations and meals, and arrange some evening activities for participants.

Visiting jurisdictions are expected to provide a certified teacher as supervisor for the 5 days of training and ensure that the appropriate insurance coverage is in place.