Service Rig Floorhand 15-5

Course Description

Service Rig Floorhand 15-5 is a combined classroom and hands-on course that will provide students general knowledge of the oil and gas industry and specific knowledge and experience of working on a service rig.

The Northern Lights Public Schools Trades Exposure Program offers a unique opportunity for high school students to learn, in a very direct way, about the wide array of opportunities available in trades and technical occupations. The service rig course prepares potential new workers to make an educated decision about pursuing a career in the oilfield services sector.

Students are afforded the opportunity to learn about the comprehensive skill set that is required to successfully tackle a career on a service rig. Providing a 'real life" pre-employment training experience is challenging as individuals will only get a real sense of the work if/when they go into the field. This course has the benefit of having a rig at the school's disposal. With the rig, students will be given a thorough orientation to the equipment and to the knowledge and skills required to be an entry-level floorhand.

Classroom content is organized around the following major topics:

  • Introduction to the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  • Introduction to Service Rigs
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Emergency Response
  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Floorhand
  • Moving Equipment
  • Rigging Up and Out of Equipment
  • Working on a Well
  • Rig Equipment Maintenance
  • Glossary of Terms

Practical content will likely be focused on:

  • Moving Equipment
  • Rig Equipment Maintenance
  • Working on a Well
  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Floorhand

General Outcomes

  1. Students will learn the structure of the oil and gas industry in western Canada.
  2. Students will learn the different types of service rig equipment and types of services that they can provide.
  3. Students will identify the regulatory bodies that apply to service rig work.
  4. Students will understand and describe legislation, regulations and practices intended to ensure a safe work place on the service rigs.
  5. Students will learn appropriate response and responsibilities during an emergency situation.
  6. Students will learn learn the general duties of a floorhand on a service rig.
  7. Students will learn the common terminology associated with service rigs.
  8. Students will understand the critical importance of safe driving practices as they relate to moving service rig equipment.
  9. Students will develop awareness of the operational procedures and floorhand responsibilities when rigging in and out BOPs.
  10. Students will learn the role of the floorhand in a series of fundamental operations situations.
  11. Students will describe and perform basic maintenance on the major components of a service rig.
  12. Students will describe the procedure for rigging out.